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Aikido - Te is an Aiki form with Kata that teaches fluid and harmonious movement coupled with technical skill and power. These are the key aspects of this dynamic style. Aikido enhanced with the powerful strikes and kicks of Karate.  Through progression and training, the expression of the Warrior Way is realised by you in your own way.

It is a truly effective Aikido style that is centred on the manipulation of the opponents energy. It unleashes the power of traps, locks, throws, holds and subjugations and enhanced by the inclusion of dynamic striking techniques.

Practice and focus can awaken the spirit within, can give purpose and meaning in new and exciting directions, create excitement to learn and push the boundaries of the self to greater horizons.



Our students are ordinary people like you who were looking for something extraordinary in their lives. They came in for a class and discovered that they were capable of amazing things.  This is going to be an exciting new experience for you and has nothing to do with your initial fitness, mobility, flexibility or size.  As with any undertaking, it has everything to do with your attitude and approach.

Whether you are an existing martial artist looking for something new and inspirational or a complete beginner, we offer unique and modern martial arts, ahead of its time with no violence, no cages and no fear.  A way of exploring the physical perfection of the warrior way at the highest level of perfection and power and a home to modern Western spiritual positivity and well being.  Together, we seek security and confidence through physical and mental harmony.

Answers to common questions can be found on our New Students page.


As well as the core subjects, we teach a variety of varied skills and disciplines that are fundamental to Martial Artists.  Workshops focus on different areas that allows the students to really explore the art beyond the basic syllabus.

For example, we may run a few workshops in Oxford on physical fitness or the art of movement, on strength and power development or a focus on a particular weapon such as the Bo, Jo or Nunchaku.  We may focus on Aikido concepts.  Other subjects include tumbling and awareness training such as working with multiple opponents, there really is no limit.  These workshops give the students a chance to explore and try new areas of Martial Arts to enhance and vary their training.

They are a popular and exciting addition to weekly Aikido and Sword training sessions.

Welcome to Bushido Academy Oxford.  Here we encourage anyone who has wants  to learn in an environment free of fear and competition.

To create an environment for like spirits to train incredible skill, develop awesome power and learn harmonious movement.   The Artistic Expression of the Warrior Way created by you for you.

The Bushido Academy Oxford was opened in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength growing into an established club in Oxford.  A proud member of the B.A.M.A. governing body, our standards are ensured through continuous assessment and continuous training of the instructors and a passion to bring out the best in all who come to train.  The environment has nothing to do with violence and  everything to do with discovering and freeing ones own inner strengths and abilities and discovering the power within by training at the very best technical standard of martial arts.

Celebrating our connection to life we learn through Aikido, through sword, through the combat arts and through modern western philosophy and positivity.  We express ourselves through ever more graceful and powerful movement and growing skill and on that journey to find just how good we can be, we discover hidden power and depths within ourselves.